Brand Video: Why video is a vital marketing tool in the digital world.

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Brand Video: Why video is a vital marketing tool in the digital world.

People buy from people and what better way to introduce yourself to potential customers than with a brand video?


In a recent article, Interior Designer Lisa Melvin, on behalf of the SBID, wrote about the importance of YouTube when it comes to marketing your interior design brand to a wider audience. She tells us that YouTube attracts an ever-growing audience receiving close to 3,000,000,000 searches a month. (1) Say that only 1% of that audience are interested in interior design, this means that there are 30m potential customers ripe for the picking and so a strong and specialised brand video is ever more important for a modern business.


YouTube is easily accessible on almost all online devices and as such videos on the platform reach people in almost any place at any time. In 2011 adults in the US spent on average 0:21hrs watching digital videos and 4:35hrs watching TV. By 2015 the average time spent watching digital videos had increased significantly to 1:16hrs while average time spent watching TV dropped to 4:15hrs. That means the audience for online videos increased by almost 6x over the course of four years.(2) This is a vastly growing audience which means it is fertile ground for a business to present itself as more than simply a name and portfolio. Video offers a more human side of the business allowing customers to meet the people behind the business face to face the minute they land on your website or social media profile.


Pump specialises in brand videos which bring the business to life and tell the real story behind it. All the while reaching a wider audience than networking face to face. This is important for interior designers for whom a personal relationship with the client is a key part of a successful marketing strategy. The benefits of a brand video do not stop there, practically a video allows you to relay more information in a shorter amount of time, on top of that research shows that people process video information up to 60,000 times faster than the equivalent in text.(3)


Finally, brand videos help significantly with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), particularly following Google’s acquisition of YouTube. Google ranks websites it feels are most relevant and informative favouring the use of YouTube videos which means that if you invest in a brand video your website will rank above your competitors, helping you connect with more customers.






Roz Hutchings