Need a commercial photographer? Here’s 10 tips to avoid shoddy photos

DJ Krust photo

Need a commercial photographer? Here’s 10 tips to avoid shoddy photos

You’ve invested a lot of money and time into getting a brilliant site made, but one of the most important considerations is having a commercial photographer guarantee your images don’t let down a good design.

Here are 10 points that Pump’s commercial photographers use to get the most out of your website.

  1. Resist the temptation to use stock images.

Your site is your shop window so most of all fill it with engaging photos that show off your business – not images of people with unrealistically white teeth.

  1. Create an emotional reaction with your audience.

Visitors to your site are twice as likely to become customers if you use aspirational shots of your business.

  1. Hire a professional photographer to shoot the images.

You’ll thank us for encouraging you to make this investment. Professional images will help your business appear more professional than using pixelated photos from your iPhone.

  1. Get your creative juices flowing.

A professional photographer will help turn your photography dreams into reality.

  1. Think about the people who are going to be photographed.

Who’s the best looking in your business? We’ll leave that one with you.

  1. Have a good chat with the photographer.

To get the best out of the shoot you’ll need to think about location, lighting, backgrounds, who’s going to be photographed – but that’s for another blog.

  1. Do you want to shoot film?

Create even more emotional attachment between your customers and brand by using short clips of your product or service being used.

  1. Create a library of images.

We won’t just give you a handful of images for your website. You’ll have a good stock of print ready images to use across your business.

  1. A photographer isn’t just for a day.

Before the shoot the photographer will work with you developing the brief and make sure everything is in place to make it a good one. The images will then be processed the week after the shoot so they look splendid.

  1. Enjoy yourself.

We make sure our photo shoots are fun – think of it as a team bonding exercise.

If you need a commercial photographer based in Bristol, head over to our homepage to see how we can help.