Commercial Photographer
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10 reasons why you should employ a photographer for your website

Commercial Photographer

Nobody likes having their photograph taken – not least your staff when they’ve been placed in a commercial photography studio at 9am.

But, engaging shots of your team are fundamental in reflecting your brand’s ethos to customers and potential employees across your website, throughout your premises and in your printed literature.

It was with this predicament the Bristol based design agency DNA approached Hacker, who were working on a complete re-brand of the pub, bar and restaurant giant, Glendola Leisure.

“DNA contacted me after a colleague of Chris Bennett’s- the Creative Partner, saw me in action at a wedding.” explains Hacker. “First and foremost I’m a commercial photographer – and I especially enjoy shooting portraits. Really the wedding photography is an extension of that.”

Glendola Leisure needed shots of their team of 80 in both London and Edinburgh which resonated with their values of being a young, dynamic, quirky and fresh brand to attract the right customers and right staff. The shots also had to reflect a range of personalities as Glendola own a range of brands from the Irish Pubs “Waxy O’Connor’s” to the “Rainforest Café”.

Chris knew Hacker would be able to charm the client’s team – even if it meant an inappropriate joke or two, to get the best out of them and create the images his client was looking for. They wanted the shots to be of the moments after a photographer stops shooting – when the subject lets their real personality come through.

Commercial photographer Hacker explains: “It was an intense couple of weeks shooting in London then flying up to Edinburgh in the middle of the wedding season but we had a really good laugh – and the team did too.”

Does your brand need engaging photography?

Get in touch and let’s see how we can help.

077 349 75605

45 Muller House, Pople Walk, Bristol, BS7 9DB

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