Content is king – the secret to an effective website

Website content

Content is king – the secret to an effective website

There are few things more noticeable than a 50ft gorilla coming towards you – and our website content is just as hefty.

If you’re running a business you’ll recognise investing in an engaging website that truly reflects your company is key to your growth – but, you’re busy.

Pump can help. We’re not just website designers – we make complete sites. That means we will write search engine friendly copy and shoot encapsulating photos, creating content that is proven to help your business grow. Or if you’re a budding David Bailey or JK Rowling and only need help with some of those elements we can do that as well.

Everything Pump creates is designed to help convert clicks to customers – with minimal hassle for you.

We use the very latest SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques so you rank highly and make it easy for customers to find you. We also create engaging content that is designed for your loyal customer base to share with their networks, to continue spreading the good word of your business.

Before your site launches we’ll show you how to write search term friendly blogs and you’ll receive a library of around 20 photos so you can easily keep your website looking fresh. Or if you’d rather, we can do that too.

So if our hefty content has engaged you this far – let us do the same for your business. Want an effective website? Content is king.

Roz Hutchings