How Bristol web design business Pump converted a furnace room into their new headquarters.

Cool basement office

How Bristol web design business Pump converted a furnace room into their new headquarters.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Bristol web design business Pump, is what sets it apart from other website designers on the market.


As opposed to simply explaining the benefits of choosing such a personable team, we have an example to highlight the attitude that the guys at Pump take not only at work but in their everyday lives.

Pump specialises in creating engaging and practical content, which is reflected in the work space. The Basement as it is fondly known, exhibits these traits and oozes with the added character and care of Pump’s founder Roz. Beginning life as an orphanage the building was subsequently redeveloped into apartments; The Basement, originally used as the heating room and coal storage, remained hidden since; only after years of being used as a home was the gem finally uncovered for use.

2 men in dusty basement

Pump was just getting moving and new digs were required, the perfect opportunity to utilise this new-found space. The task would not be easy, however, as the vintage furnace remained the dominant feature and required a significant physical investment to crack. This did not deter the guys at Pump who immediately got set to get their hands dirty, in more ways than one!

Man breaking down iron furnace

The room was designed with a dual-purpose in mind, it was to be used as an office but also as a function room to host the perfect post-work wind down. Floor space remained a commodity, so it was through meticulous design and precision that The Basement came into being.

Basement office with concrete desk

The room is colourfully designed, a mix of practical placement and personality that reflects both the mindset of Pump and the influence of the beautiful city of Bristol in which the business is based. Tactically scattered around the room are souvenirs built up from travel around the globe including a 170-year-old print of Japanese art alongside authentic Anime cells. We see examples of abstract design collected from local artists such as Emma Stone, that really shows the atmosphere of the work and play environment The Basement sets out to achieve.

Bristol web design business Pump

Crisp, clean, yet retaining its character; disco lights are added to the top of the magnetic, white board wall that is utilized as the creative space for website design. Often filled with insightful comments, thoughts and questions The Basement really comes to life as Pump’s developers get to work. It is here that The Basement begins to emphasise the attitude that investing in your work extends as much to the office you work in as the product you produce, which is what truly sets Pump apart.

Roz Hutchings