How to get more visitors to your website – for free

How to get more visitors to your website – for free

If you run a business and have a website you will be well aware of how important yet competitive it is to feature high on google’s search engine.

You’re probably also confused about the best way to go about this with daily emails from companies promising to improve the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website so it features on page 1 and others who claim they can run a successful google adwords or pay per click (PPC) campaign to make your website the most popular site on the internet.

The answer:

First, take a look at the written content on your website. If you bear in mind Google’s mission is to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” then working out how to feature on page 1 or 2 is simple. Make sure your website has quality content written about relevant topics so when a potential customer searches for content on that topic, your website will appear in the search results.

Plenty of SEO experts will convince you to spend money on an adwords or PPC campaign but if your website doesn’t have a blog page, you’re missing a huge, free trick. Turn off the campaigns and try these four simple ways to make your website a valuable source of information for visitors and you’ll be rewarded by featuring high on google:

  • Drive visitors to your website for free

It doesn’t cost a penny for your website to rank on search engines. A well written blog article which features appropriate search terms will attract visitors to your website. That content will continue to work hard for you for free for as long as your website is live. And the content can also be used on other platforms eg: social media, printed brochures, flyers, guest blogs or industry publications.

  • Reward visitors once they arrive with useful content

Engaging, informative copy keeps visitors on your website for longer which also improves the site’s search engine ranking. Once a visitor clicks onto a website from the search results, google measures how relevant that result was to the search term by how long the visitor spends on the page.

  • Pitch you and your business as the experts

The first goal when writing content for a website should be to engage with your audience who are your existing or potential customers. Build trust by sharing your expertise with them through your articles. Teach visitors to your website something they don’t yet know and they will develop a loyalty with your brand as they look to you as the thought leaders in your field, setting you apart from the competition.

  • Publish new content at least once a month

Google will feature websites that are frequently updated high on search engines because it understands the site is live and relevant to people searching on a particular topic. However, when running a business it’s not always easy to find time to write engaging and informative content.

Writing content is a bit like painting and decorating your home. You think it’ll be easy but when you get going it takes far longer than you ever thought possible and you struggle to look past those wobbly cutting in lines. Next time, you hire in a professional decorator who completes the job quicker than it would take you to put masking tape around the skirting board and the finish is pin sharp.

The takeaways:
  1. Not got a blog page? Turn off your Adwords or PPC campaigns and set one up.
  2. Publish an engaging, informative article once a month.
  3. Not got time/skills to write? Hire a professional copywriter.


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