How to make your brand stand out: launch a direct mail campaign

Engaging content to make a brand stand out

How to make your brand stand out: launch a direct mail campaign

Did you know it takes 6 to 8 touch points before a person becomes a potential customer for your business?


So if you’re struggling with how to make your brand stand out, you are going to have to plan for regular engagement with potential customers using every marketing tool at your disposal.

Today, the simplest and cheapest way to engage with your audience is online, whether that’s email, blog posts, social media or video. But to make your brand stand out on such noisy platforms is hard. Why not think about alternatives – like a direct mail campaign, where there is not so much competition for your voice to be heard?

Pump recently produced a successful marketing campaign: ‘Don’t ‘Cha Wish Your Content Was Hot Like Me?’

We built the concept on the belief that everyone still likes to receive a parcel in the post. And unless you’ve ordered something online, today that happens rarely.

In the lead up to Christmas 2017 we wanted to send a present from our business to existing customers and new contacts we’d made – but it had to stand out. The gift had to be useful, memorable, engage with people on multiple senses and be a talking point in the office.

We devised a concept where we would send bottles of hot sauce as gifts, supported by a teaser and follow up email with engagement on social media. Once we’d developed the concept the two of us set about sourcing and making each element of the campaign.

From buying every last scotch bonnet in the Bristol Sweet Mart to carrying all 120 parcels to the post office in St Weburghs to making this video – make sure the sound is up!

Roz Hutchings