In a league of its own: Why Pump is unique in the world of website design

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In a league of its own: Why Pump is unique in the world of website design

One of the inspirations behind Pump come from the idea of Kaizen, Japanese for continuous improvement, a philosophy that believes one should always strive for change to ultimately better oneself. Throughout her life, Pump’s found Roz was frustrated by what she saw as accepted stagnation and complacency. In building the business it became a priority to constantly strive to improve the service given and so Pump was born. There are many website design companies out there, but Pump is in a league of its own. Going above and beyond the typical experience, the professionals here work to make your website a real reflection of your brand allowing your audience to get to the heart of your story. Here are the four key reasons that separates Pump from the rest:

  1. A complete, WordPress website: we are unique because we produce your website and content.


We do not just create the frame but offers a complete service from the ground up. Beginning with the creation of a custom design that will capture the spirit of your business; Pump also populates your new website with specialised content that promotes the brand in an engaging and personal way.

  1. Payment plan: We are kind to your cash-flow.


We offer a payment plan that allows you to spread the cost over time. To start the project, we will require a 20% deposit payable within 14 days. From there the remainder of the balance will be payable in a further monthly instalment over the next 2 years (24 months).

To help you prepare a budget for the development of a website, the costs can be broken down into these considerations:

  • Design, build, test and launch (payable to Pump)
  • Content Production
  • Domain name (annual cost, payable to a third party)
  • Hosting (annual cost, payable to a third party)


Choosing Pump is flexible to your needs and each of these four considerations can be hired independently or as a package.

  1. Video Tutorials: Empower anyone in your business to manage your website.


At Pump, we are aware that your business is in constant motion and to ensure that your website stays at the front we offer a developed bundle that empowers you to take control. Qualified teacher-led video tutorials show you the ropes of your new investment and allow you to take a leading role in growing your website to keep pace with your business.

  1. Handover Bundle: More than just a static investment.


You will receive a website handbook that details the various parts of your new website as well as descriptions of all plug-ins used. Inside will include any necessary and emergency contacts that allow you to resolve any issues that crop up.

On top of this, you will receive a USB containing all of your photographs and videos that will allow you to use them as you wish and a set of complimentary physical prints of your photographs that you can stick up around the office.

Roz Hutchings