Interior Oasis: Complete branding and Website development
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Interior Oasis Website Design

Interior Oasis: Complete branding and Website development

Our latest project has been a full package overhaul for the up and coming new business. Interior Oasis specialises in the creation of bespoke terraria and planters, within which a beautiful scene is presented in either a woodland or desert theme. Being a new business, Interior Oasis required the full treatment including complete brand development and a whole new website. Luckily, Interior Oasis were in good hands as Pump covers everything from website, brand and content creation. Here is a step by step guide to the process we went through to create Interior Oasis’ new website:

Step 1: Brand Development – Building a recognisable brand is important for building a reputation with your customers, particularly for a new business just starting out. We undertook detailed market research which tells us where in the market the business stands, who their target audience is, as well as highlighting potential competitors. This information is vital to localise the business within its chosen market.

Step 2: Logo Creation – A logo is integral for providing customers with a recognisable symbol associated with their work. The new logo encapsulates the style and elegance of the products as well as presents the business as modern, relevant and competitive within its target market. We decided on a number of fonts to provide flexibility to the logo. This allows it to be used in various forms and media.

Step 3: Brand Booklet – As part of our full package we create more than just an online presence. The information from our market research, as well as the logo and its variants, were then packed into a brand booklet. This provides a comprehensive piece that can be used separately from the website. This allows for the branding to be used across the different areas of the business.


With the branding developed, we were able to move onto the website which began with a wireframe of pages created to provide a malleable starting point to work from. We made sure that the website frame is easy to use and offer the customer a seamless experience when visiting. The first priority with the new wireframe was to begin populating the website with professionally created content. This took place in the following steps:

Step 1: Photography – We brought Steve and some of his products to Studio B. We were joined by the talented Hana Snow who brought props that would help simulate a natural home environment. Bauerwerks also provided us with beautiful, natural paint helping us to emphasise the organic nature of the products.

Step 2: Website Placement – Bringing these photographs back to the wireframe, we realised they did not perfectly fit. We altered the frame to help the images become the centrepiece of the site, much like the terraria would in a person’s home. By remaining flexible throughout we were able to directly focus on the strengths of each product and really show this to any potential customers.

Step 3: Written Content and SEO – Work began on written content and search engine optimization, which comes as part of our complete package. We had a dedicated copywriter create each piece of writing on the website making sure it was both high-quality and informative to anyone visiting the site. A seamless checkout system as added, and all product descriptions were specifically crafted.

With all the details finely tuned to Steve’s specifications, there was little left to do other than to crack open a bottle of champagne and hold a launch party. With the website now fully operational we are excited to see how Interior Oasis flourishes in the coming weeks!


Check out Interior Oasis’ new website here:

For information on the work we do and packages we offer see:

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