What to do if your web designer is ignoring your emails
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The Process

What to do if your web designer is ignoring your emails? Business owner Caro Hutchings turned to Pump.


“I was stuck with an outdated website. I wanted to upload new work because I hadn’t done so for months and had forgotten how to. When the developers didn’t respond I asked other people for help but they couldn’t because the site had been built in such a way that it was locked up.”


Realising she had a near useless site and faced with a significant downturn in bookings, Caro knew she had to do something drastic – and that was to start again.


Pump stepped in and re-designed the site putting her striking wedding photography front and centre as well as designing a new logo, accompanying fonts, key brand colours and a pricelist.


We shot an ‘About Me’ film and put that on the front page so potential clients can instantly get to know Caro.


We then took quotes from the film which best capture the essence of Caro Hutchings Wedding Photography and laid them over the images on the home page roll over to re-inforce the new tone of the brand.


On handover, Caro was given all the tools she needs to be empowered to manage the website herself so she’s not reliant on Pump.


Her indispensable ‘Brand Bible’ contains vital information about the website, features a branding style guide and explains what to do in an emergency. We also created an exclusive set of YouTube tutorials which simply demonstrate how to maintain the site all of which can be used by Caro or anyone else she might like to help.

The Tasks

  • Brand creation including logo, fonts, colours.
  • Complete design and build of website.
  • Populated with SEO friendly copy and client’s photos.
  • Devised and shot ‘About Caro’ film.
  • Empowered client to maintain website with exclusive ‘Brand Bible’ and YouTube Tutorials