Why a copywriter is vital for your business

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Why a copywriter is vital for your business

Content is king. It’s a common phrase you might have come across before but when it comes to websites you need to respect it.

You’re running a small or medium sized business and recognise investing in an engaging website that truly reflects your company is key to your growth – but, you’re busy.

A website designer is employed to create your new site but then you’re left to find the content. Finding the time to write the page content & blogs and take the photographs is overwhelming – and if you did, you’re not sure it would do your business justice.

Pump are a company who can help. We design the site, write the copy and shoot the photos, creating content that is proven to help a business grow.

We use the very latest SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques so you rank highly and make it easy for customers to find you. We also create engaging content that is designed for your loyal customer base to share with their networks, to continue spreading the good word of your business.

Writing engaging copy and shooting aspirational photos might seem like a simple task but it has to done right. Because if it is, the copy and images become your most powerful tool in the promotion and success of your business.

Roz Hutchings