Why you should employ a journalist to write copy for your website

Why you should employ a journalist to write copy for your website

At Pump we pride ourselves on producing engaging, newsworthy blogs and articles which get brands noticed – it’s because our writer is a journalist. Having your website completed with copy helps it stand out from the crowd.


Here we list the top four reasons why you should employ a journalist to write copy for your brand:


  1. Journalists know how to give a s*@t


If a brand wants to engage an audience with their story it needs to be written in such a way to make them give a s*@t – and that, in a nutshell is what journalists do.

A good story is time sensitive, unique and about something that will impact lots of people.

Journalists by default report the story – or blog article, so it is relatable for the audience to make them care. The finished piece will engage with the audience and if really successful, be picked up by news agencies or sent to them directly as a media release.


  1. Originality


A journalist will dedicate the same amount of time researching an article as they will writing it.

They will speak to at least three people to get to the heart of the story and check the facts so the story is unique and accurate.

The finished article will be a unique piece of journalism which is informative and presents the brand as an industry leader and a trustworthy source of the latest information.



  1. School Gate Test


Our journalist and Founder, Roz Hutchings who writes copy here at Pump, applies what is called the ‘School Gate Test’ once she has written an article.

“This is where I imagine reading the finished article to a group of parents at a school gate. It is a busy, noisy place with lots of distractions. Would the parents listen to what I’ve written and remember the key facts? Or have they switched off and allowed the distractions to take over?”



  1. Less is more


Journalists are skilled in condensing a story down into the key points to make it memorable for the audience. Believe it or not 99% of articles can be reduced to three lines.

The optimum length for an online article or blog is 300 words.

A journalist knows how to make every word count. They will find the balance between keeping an audience informed and engaged, while writing the best length article so it ranks well on search engines.

Roz Hutchings